Ashkelon- ancient port city

What are the best beaches in Israel? With over 100 km of Mediterranean coastline and beaches of Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee and Read Sea beaches at Eilat, it is really difficult to answer the question. The beach you want to visit depends only on you and what you are looking for. Israel beaches contrast hugely; from the urban beaches of Tel Aviv to quite beaches of western Galilee set in the rural areas. Some beaches even have historical importance. Many Israelis have some favorite beaches where they might be looking for certain amenities like restaurants, pubs to enjoy the evenings.

Some of my favorite beaches in Israel might not be the popular ones with tourists or locals. My favorite ones are those that are less crowded and away from the urban setting; where I get to enjoy the sunset peacefully. Irrespective of the kind of beach, one can spot several people fishing. Through my next series of blogs, I would love to share the pictures from my favorite beaches but not in any particular order.

The first in the series is Ashkelon beach. If you have read my previous blogs, you will have an idea how much I love history. This is one beach where you can enjoy both the ancient ruins and the beach at the same time. Off course Caesarea is the best but is usually crowed compared to Ashkelon. Almost entire Ashkelon beach is dotted with several excavation sites. Ashkelon national park is a fascinating antiquities site. The park consists of expansive lawns, picnic tables and barbecue facilities and is a good place to spend time with entire family. Southern part of the park is a reserve for unique flora and fauna living in the costal dunes.

The city of Ashkelon is the ancient port city having evidence of human settlement from Neolithic period. It is the nearest Israeli city to Gaza strip (around 8 miles only) ruled by Hamas group and hence is mostly targeted by crude rockets. The major attractions of this park are the Canaanite Gate (considered to be the oldest vaulted gate in the world), the rampart and the mediaeval walls surrounding the park. The look out point provides panoramic views of the city, the beach and also the ancient ruins.

Follow my blog to get the virtual tour of other Israeli beaches like Shell beach at Palmachim, Achziv Lagoon and Chalk stone cliffs of RoshHanikra…



Author: Vydehik

I am a scientist by profession who loves to travel and capture the beautiful places and people through my lens. I feel blessed to have lived 4 years of my life in the holy land of Israel, which gave me an exposure and different dimension of view towards various religions, cultures, history and geography. I would like to share my experiences from Israel through this photo blog. Visit to know more about me.

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