Achziv and Rosh Hanikra Promenade

While in Israel don’t miss the opportunity to walk or drive on the coastline that stretches between Achziv and Rosh Hanikra located on the northernmost Mediterranean coast. Achziv is located in a unique ecosystem, filled with local animals and natural pools. A chain of small islands dot the coast, which creates a special natural landscape and a haven for the area’s birds. The cliffs of Rosh Hanikra and the mountains of the Western Galilee surround Achziv from the east, and provide wonderful and interesting places to tour in.

The Achziv national park is a must visit. The park combines a rocky coastline, complete with bays, lagoons and natural and artificial seawater pools with archaeological remnants of an ancient settlement. Beneath the clear water one can catch glimpses of water lilies, sea urchins and small octopuses. In the summer time a unique way to spend the night is by sleeping under the sky in this national park.

We spent two days in this beautiful place. As usual we opted to stay at SPNI youth hostel. It is located just opposite to Achziv Beach where we could feel the salty breeze and the sound of waves at night were like lullaby. We happened to visit this place during full moon day and took stroll on the beach at night.

Achziv to Rosh Hanikra promenade is around 5 kilometers and we walked the entire length of seashore watching the lagoons, tide pools, several fisherman, beautiful sunsets and also enjoyed the sea under full moon light.


From the sea shore you can find beautiful white chalk cliffs meeting the sea. This is the only place along 100 kilometer stretch of Israeli coast line where the sea meet the cliffs. At the point, one can find an enchanting tourist site of Rosh Hanikra. This place marks the Israel and Lebanon border (this part of Lebanon border is guarded by Hezbollah, a group identified as militant group by USA).

Here one can reach the grottoes formed by erosion of soft chalk cliffs pounded constantly by sea waves. These grottoes could be reached by a cable car, which is claimed to be the steepest in the world with a gradient of 60 degree. An old railway tunnel made during World War II by blasting these cliffs is currently being used as a visitor center.

Thanks for following my blog. I will take a sabbatical from blogging for a while and time permitting I would love to bring virtual tour of several other beautiful places from Israel and also would love to introduce you to the beautiful culture and beautiful people I ever met.



Author: Vydehik

I am a scientist by profession who loves to travel and capture the beautiful places and people through my lens. I feel blessed to have lived 4 years of my life in the holy land of Israel, which gave me an exposure and different dimension of view towards various religions, cultures, history and geography. I would like to share my experiences from Israel through this photo blog. Visit to know more about me.

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