Shells beach at Palmachim…

Continuing my photo blog on the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, I bring to you a unique beach; Shells beach on the south side of Yavne Yam beach located in Palmachim national park. We were lucky to have stumbled upon this beach when we took a wrong turn en route to Rishon beach. The drive was pretty and we decided to drive along the coast and park somewhere away from the crowd. There we found this secluded beach that was full of shells.

Palmachim national park is also a historical site that features several of the ancient ruins and many beaches. It also offers city views of Rishon-LeZion. We decided to spend all our time on this patch of seashells instead of going around the ancient ruins. The place was less crowded. We stumbled upon only two more families. I could attribute this to the lack of several amenities like restaurants etc. On a hot summer afternoon, visitors could rest under one of the huge thatched umbrellas seen all along the coast.

Our peaceful evening was occasionally disturbed by the sound of ATV’s (All terrain vehicles). It was very sad to see those vehicles crushing the beautiful shells. There was a wall of shells along the shoreline for about 150 to 200 ft. I did dig the shells to check its depth and it is at least one feet. Recently I found a picture that shows this shell wall. I used to collect many shells on beaches from my childhood. In this place, there were so many shells that I collected only those that were brought along the waves.

I was very excited to show this unique place to my parents, especially my mom who comes from a coastal city in India. We could still see the shells but very low amount that too mixed with sand. So, there is no assurance that you can see many shells every time, I feel lucky to have seen that many before.

Next time I will take you on an virtual tour to the Achziv Lagoon and Rosh-hanikra grottoes and chalk stone cliffs that will stay the same unlike the Shell beach at Palmachim.